Things need to be in balance when deciding build vs buy

The Developer’s Dilemma Series – Rationalizing the Build Versus Buy Equation for Platform

Welcome to Session 2 of my Developers Dilemma series. If you missed the first session, you can read it  here: The Developer’s Dilemma Series – Technical Debt in the Platform Era If you read that post you will know we are looking at the concept of development, and the technology stack, through the lens of technical

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The Developer’s Dilemma Series – Technical Debt in the Platform Era

Welcome to my new series on Technical Debt. This topic gets brought up a lot, and just as frequently dismissed. The reality of technical debt in the modern platform-era is more critical than ever for organizations to understand and mitigate. This is a multi-part blog series that will cover a number of facets of technical

In the long silence

Sorry, friends, it has been a long time since I put words on screen. Things have been crazy and I did not make time for blogging. Good news is I do have a few drafts waiting to come out so should be back to the regular after vacation. Heading to Russia and the World Cup


Super excited to have attended and spoken at Codeland 2018 this week in NYC. The event brings together a fabulous community of speakers and mentors, attendees, and volunteers to spend a couple of days exploring lessons and experiences with developing. I was genuinely honored to be accepted, and the conference did not disappoint at all.