DietPi – a slimmer and more healthy pi

Working with my good friend @froliol over the weekend on some Pi related stuff and he turned me on to DietPi. You should check it out if you are interested in a couple of very nice features:

1 – a fully functional “auto install” option for the first boot. This allows for a full headless setup of a Pi without keyboard/monitor – EXTREMELY USEFUL. The info is here:

2 – a VERY slim OS. Boot times are on the order of under 10 seconds due to the stripped out Debian that it runs. You can, of course, bloat it up with extras, but if you need something slim and light this is for you!

Along these lines, I have been playing with cloning options for Pi SD cards as I need to make a number of them in short order so I will update with that information as I get it!

diet pi logo, copied from their website – not my own art.