Super excited to have attended and spoken at Codeland 2018 this week in NYC. The event brings together a fabulous community of speakers and mentors, attendees, and volunteers to spend a couple of days exploring lessons and experiences with developing. I was genuinely honored to be accepted, and the conference did not disappoint at all. I met many really amazing people and was part of so many interesting conversations.

This is part recap and part thank you so the important part first, is of course my thank you to the organizer, Saron Yitbarek. What an amazing and energetic conference full of eager and excited learners and enthusiastic speakers, mentors, and presenters. Humbled to have been part of it, and will keep it on my list for next year! Your volunteers were phenomenal and things ran like clockwork.

As for the conference itself, it had everything for both new and practicing developers you could want. My only complaint is that it was only 2 days! How could you possibly see everything you wanted!? Seriously though, some great talks around so many developer topics and technologies you could not want for more. Language specifics, domain areas, and overall best practices were among the topics covered in the talks, and the workshops were all over the technical landscape for devs, from a deep intro to WordPress (that I would have liked to attend for this very blog!) to Git and how to use it, and my own IoT building session. All of this in front of an incredibly interested and enthusiastic audience that was so welcoming and receptive! My fellow presenters were all rockstars and I am sad I could not see all of their presentations and talks as well.

One other really engaging part of the conference was the mentor block that allowed people to sign up and spend time with professionals from various backgrounds asking questions about their careers and advice for skills and targets. It was so energizing to work with people and understand and discuss their challenges and give advice and guidance on how to get to the next place they want to go to. I was again, humbled to be a part of it.

Overall, Codeland is an absolutely wonderful and diverse conference with an amazing lineup of speakers and sponsors. If you are looking for a great conference to build skills and connections, this is the one to attend! Follow @codenewbies on twitter for updates for next year and @saronyitbarek  for updates on next year’s event.