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Chris Harrold (charrold303) bio
I still actually look like this!

You’ve found my bio page! charrold303 is the social media ID of Chris Harrold. I am a technical evangelist, maker, builder, and developer. I work with other developers to figure out new and interesting ways to solve problems with technology.

I believe strongly that everyone can benefit from building new skills. This belief has led me to focus my career and personal time on building new and engaging things. My objective is to help people learn more about technology, and how to use and develop it to solve problems.

I am fortunate to have been a frequent speaker at conferences all over the world including CloudExpo NYC and San Jose, Strata, IoT Devcon, Codeland, and CoffeeConf. I have been recognized multiple times in my career for outstanding engineering and mentoring skills. I am always open to helping others with tech-related subjects! I am easily reached via my social media handle @charrold303

When I am not generating exciting content or building cool demo tech I like to spend time outside with his wife and dog, read, and is still an avid gamer on all platforms. Check out some of my projects, or my full CV, and of course if you have the time, feel free to read some of my posts!