Pi SD Image Cloning

Getting ready for some upcoming events where I am doing hands-on sessions around Raspberry Pis, and I needed a way to clone my existing Raspbian image so I could load it up onto the Pis that I am using for the conferences. <SideNote:> I had tried to use DietPi first since it offers a “headless”

Tensor flow on mac

Just another one of my quick “today I learned” things: If you are installing Tensorflow on your Mac (High Sierra for me – see screengrab) the instructions at: https://www.tensorflow.org/install/install_mac Are awesome, however you may run into a lot of issues with the install throwing permissions errors all over the place. 99% can be solved by

Slow Raspberry-Pi Boot Time?

Slow Raspberry-Pi Boot Time? I was working on a demo and noticed that my R-Pi was taking an eternity to boot to the GUI. I had to change networking because I am on the road, and I find it’s easier in the GUI because I can choose from a list. Fight Me. Since I got