I decided I probably needed to add a page about some of the projects I am working on. These might be for work, or just for fun, but wither way I hope they offer you a bit of inspiration for your own projects!

Actively building on:

Jerry Bot – robotics platform for commercial and personal use – not ready for a full writeup yet – working on my 2.0 version. Here is a teaser (sorry it is rotated):

Jerry Bot - Tracked robotics platform - version 1.0
Jerry Bot – 1.0

Related to Jerry are some other projects that will get blog writeups:

Working with IR LEDs:

Glowing purple IR LED
IR LED lit (the purple glow – invisible to the naked eye











My intro to Raspberry Pi and Python class got its first few field runs:

The circuit assembly for the intro to Pi and Python workshop
Sideways conference room of the workshop
Sideways conference room of the workshop


On the shelf for now:

Soil Moisture system for precision watering – waiting to move into a house with a proper garden!

Wolverine Cosplay (Really old man Logan) – working on the realistic retractable claws

Steampunk Jetpack – waiting for my Glowforge to cut the parts

Bathroom – waiting for more tile: (It’s not all IoT and sunshine people!)

River rock tile floor in the shower